Mariners Chapel and Oak Creek Golf Course Wedding | Orange County Photographer

– Mariner’s Chapel Wedding –

Hands down this has to be one of my all time favorite weddings.  Not because the decorations were amazing or the location was unique…  It was because the couple was so spectacular!  Their beautiful story was (and is) covered in God’s finger prints.  Their union as husband and wife has to be one of the sweetest I have ever witnessed.  And I am delighted to share just a little bit of their story with you.

This bride and groom met later in life.  Both in their late 30’s.  They had journeyed through life wondering if God would EVER bring the right person to them.  Both persevered and kept their eyes focused on the Lord.  Neither one really dated.  They just waited.  And in God’s perfect timing they met each other!

I have witnessed and photographed a lot of people in love.  Sadly, I can see when it is skin deep and I have reservations about whether their relationship will last.  And then there are times that I witness a love between a couple that makes my heart smile.  This couple, however, has a love for each other that truly touched me at my core.  It was pure and righteous, and it honored God more then themselves.  Simply put, it was just beautiful!


A Reception at Oak Creek Golf Course