Merry Christmas!

Blessings to you from April!

So I told my children the truth about Santa…  Some people think that I am crazy for doing so because they are only 5 and 6.  I just couldn’t handle deceiving them each year.  Questions like “How does Santa come down the chimney?” and “How will Santa know what to get me for Christmas” just killed me!  It was so uncomfortable for me to look them in the eye and make up some ridiculous story about a silly man in a red suit.  Christmas means so much more than that to me!  And I didn’t want my kids to think that that was all there was to the Christmas story.

They took the news pretty well.  Cameron didn’t understand what I was saying so much, but Tyler got it. I focused on telling them the story about Saint Nicolas and how his story was fabricated to make the story of Santa that we know today.  Then I tied everything into the birth of Christ!  This year, our attention is turned to the true meaning of Christmas!  We are celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ our Savior.  We are so honored to know Him and to have Him in our home this holiday season and throughout the year!

Nothing warms my heart more than to see how my kids love Jesus.  The Bible talks about having child-like faith and I clearly see what that means when I look deep into Tyler and Cameron’s heart.  My prayer for all of you who read my blog, is that you too will have that child-like faith in Christ, believing in Him without skepticism or worry.  May you desire to run into our Heavenly Father’s arms (a place of refuge and peace) like a child who joyfully runs into his earthly father’s arms!  In that safe place, you will find more love than you can ever imagine.

God bless you this Christmas!  love… April




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