Stephanie and Tony’s Wedding in the Rain!

Well… It finally happened! I photographed a wedding on a rainy day… I have had so many near misses in the last year and I am surprised that I have made it this long with dry skies. The light sprinkle that came down on Saturday was enough to make things a little wet and very romantic! Stephanie and Tony were so fun to work with and took advantage of the slightly gloomy day. It was the perfect amount of rain to get some fantastic photos without drenching everything. Until… the reception that is. Right about 6:30 pm when the reception was just about to get underway, the rain started coming down and really made an impression on the day! Being a backyard reception, this inconvenienced things a bit. Fortunately, Steph and Tony had rented two huge tents to go over the guest tables. The sweet heart table wasn’t covered, though, so there was a little moving around. But they made it work! The biggest bummer for me was that it was nearly impossible to photograph things at the reception until the party moved indoors… :( I am so thankful for the time we had before the ceremony! I must add that Stephanie had the best attitude through all of this. She just rolled with the punches and didn’t let anything ruin her day. I loved seeing her completely focus on Tony and the special moments of their wedding. They are so in love with each other. It has been a wonderful gift to get to know both of them. Stephanie has become a true friend!

FYI… We did the pictures at beautiful Chaffey High School before the ceremony which was held at The First United Methodist Church in Ontario. (Not my favorite church because they won’t let me use my flash and I had to stay in the back… Other than that, it was beautiful!)


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