Temecula Engagement Photos at Doffo Winery | Meet Haley and Matt

Doffo Winery Engagement Photos

– Matt and Haley’s Engagement Session at Doffo Winery –

It is easy to tell how giddy and happy Haley is to be marrying Matt!  I could just feel her excitement with every photo we took.  And Matt mirrored her happiness!  Picture taking isn’t the top of most guys lists.  I get that…  It can be seen as a girly thing.  But when a photo session is about taking the time to focus on each other, then the engagement session becomes more that just taking pictures.  It’s a chance to filling each other’s love tank and celebrating the reasons why they are getting married.  So this is why Haley is giddy!  Her heart is full.  And Matt can’t help but smile back because he knows he is getting the best prize of all…  her love in return.  I loved their engagement session at Doffo Winery!

Doffo Winery Engagement Photos Doffo Winery Engagement Photos